Recent updates

A diverse team looks happy in conversation. They are sitting around with laptops in front of them. Woman of Indian ethnicity leads the team

Recent advocacy actions by Learning Forward

  • 12/21 – Learning Forward joins list of organizations endorsing the Educators for America Act (H.R. 6205) introduced in mid-December.
  • 11/21 – Learning Forward signed a statement including 47 education and library organizations on the House’s approval of $300 million for the Emergency Connectivity Fund as part of the Build Back Better Act. (See letter here.)
  • 11/21 -  Learning Forward signs Coalition for Teaching Quality letter of support for the $817 million investment in the educator workforce in the proposed Build Back Better Act.  (See letter here.)
  • 10/21  Learning Forward joins list of organizations supporting the Educators for All bill to reauthorize Title II of the Higher Education Act
  • 9/21 Learning Forward signs letter of support for a $9 billion investment in the proposed budget reconciliation bill to increase the number of well-prepared, diverse teachers.  (See letter here.)
  • 8/21 Learning Forward signs on to coalition brief supporting school leadership in the American Families Plan (See the short and long versions.)
  • 7/21 Learning Forward signs on to letter to Congress to push for investments in educator infrastructure in the American Families Plan. (Read letter here. )
  • 4/21 Learning Forward signs letter to House Appropriations Committee urging a $3.0 billion investment for the Supporting Effective Instruction State Grants program, Title II, Part A of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)  (Read letter here.)