Sample Tweets

Sample Tweets to Congress

Here are some sample tweets you can use to advocate for FY 2023 Appropriations funding:

  • Our students deserve schools filled with outstanding support for teachers and principals – now more than ever. We urge Congress to increase professional learning funding through #TitleIIA in FY 2023. [Tweet]
  • #TitleIIA is critical to educators and students. I strongly urge Congress to support increasing funding for Title II, Part A of ESSA by at least $100 million in FY 2023. [Tweet]
  • There is no more important budget priority than America’s children. Increasing funding for #TitleIIA of ESSA by at least $100 million in FY 2023. [Tweet]
  • #TitleIIA is critical for teachers, school leaders, and principals to do their jobs effectively; increase funding for this program for FY 2023. [Tweet]
  • Millions of teachers, principals, and school leaders depend on #TitleIIA to improve schools and instruction in the classroom. I am in alliance w/ @LearningForward when I ask Congress to support an additional $100 million in FY 2023 for #TitleIIA. [Tweet]
  • The quality of teaching and leadership in schools are the two most significant in-school factors tied to student achievement. That is why I respectfully request that Congress increase funding for #TitleIIA of ESSA by at least $100 million in FY 2023. [Tweet]
  • #TitleIIA supports increased student academic achievement by promoting strategies that will positively affect educator performance. We call on Congress to increase funding of this program by at least $100 million in FY 2023. [Tweet]
  • #TitleIIA remains a historically underfunded program, not once reaching its fully authorized funding level in the past decade – let’s not make that same mistake in FY 2023. Congress: we ask for an increase of this program of at least $100 million. [Tweet]