Story Telling Protocol

Professional learning has never been more important but feels like it can get lost in this environment of ever-changing priorities. Policy makers are moved by the stories of real educators and students. Telling your professional learning story – big or small – will raise awareness of the need for professional learning and motivate decision makers to invest. 

Pre-planning Questions:


  1. Who will you talk to get information about T2 funding? ______________


  1. How much funding does your district get in T2 funding? ______________


  1. What other funding sources are used for professional learning? ______________


  1. What data has your district/school/state collected over time? (for example: teacher retention data, educator confidence data, schools in need of improvement #s)


Telling Your Story:


  1. What was the challenge your district was facing?


  1. How did professional learning address the problem?


  1. How do you know that your professional learning intervention solved the problem?


  1. What graphics/images do you have that you could include? (for example: charts, pictures, quotes)


Sharing Your Story


  1. Who are the decision makers you want to influence? (for example: school board members, district leaders, principal, parents)


  1. Organize your talking points for emphasis.


  1. How will you share your story? (for example: presentation, newsletter, social media, website)


Once your story is ready, share it with Learning Forward using this form.